Chapel and Hill Chorlton Parish Council

Referendum on the Adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan


Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council

Referendum on the adoption of the Chapel and Hill Chorlton, Maer and Aston and Whitmore Neighbourhood Plan

Notice is hereby given that:A referendum will be held on Thursday 12 December 2019 to decide on the question below:

‘Do you want Newcastle Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Chapel and Hill Chorlton, Maer and Aston and Whitmore to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

The hours of poll will be from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

The Situation of polling stations and the description of persons entitled to vote thereat are as follows:

No. of polling station Situation of polling station Description of persons entitled to vote
MW1 Whitmore Village Hall, Coneygreave Lane, Whitmore, Newcastle SMA-1 to SMA-1338
MW1 Whitmore Village Hall, Coneygreave Lane, Whitmore, Newcastle SMC-1 to SMC-243
MW3 Copeland Cottage, Haddon Lane, Chapel Chorlton, Newcastle SMD-1 to SMD-92/2
MW4 Maer Village Hall, Maer, Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire SME-2 to SME-419


Dated:                        Friday 15 November 2019

Martin Hamilton

Counting Officer



Neighbourhood Plan-Decision Statement from Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council

Please follow the links below to see the full decision made by Newcastle Borough Council in respect of Chapel and Hill Chorlton, Maer and Aston, and Whitmore Neighbourhood Development Plan. In summary, the Council is satisfied that the Plan, subject to the Examiners recommended modifications being made, the Plan meets the basic conditions and other legal requirements and can proceed to referendum. The date on which the referendum will take place will be within 56 days of the date of this decision.


Consultation on Tree Planting

Tree planting

At the last meeting of the Parish Council, it discussed applying to The Woodland Trust for free trees to plant in the community.  The Council would apply for what is termed a “small copse” which comprises 10 trees each of silver birch, rowan and wild cherry and would probably plant them on the village green in Chapel Chorlton.  We considered planting half of them at the point of the green and half of them close (but not too close) to the former BT phone box.

The Council would be pleased to receive comments on these proposals – please contact Jan, our clerk, at or on 07563660298.

Speed Indicator Device in Hill Chorlton

In response to concerns raised by the local community in Hill Chorlton, a Speed Indicator Device (SID) has been installed in Hill Chorlton. Community members are already noting a reduction in speed through the village.

The Parish Council is hoping to finance a further SID at the other end of the village and is looking to work in partnership to provide a further device in the Stableford area.

Community Defibrillator in Chapel Chorlton

Chapel and Hill Chorlton Parish Council would like to thank Eccleshall First Responders, Stableford caravan park and County Councillor Paul Northcott for all of their help and support with the above project. The defibrillator is now in place and operational in the adopted BT telephone box by the village green in Chapel Chorlton.

There have been two training sessions but more are anticipated later on in the year.

Defibrillator Training Sessions

A life saving community defibrillator is about to be installed in the former BT phone  box on Chapel Chorlton Village Green that has now been adopted by the Parish Council.

Free training will be provided by Eccleshall First Responders on Tuesday 4th June, 7-9pm and Saturday 8th June 10am-12pm at the Madonna Club, Stableford Caravan Park. Booking is essential-please e-mail the Clerk, Jan Simpson on or telephone 07563660298 to secure your place.

If you are unable to come along to either of these dates but would still like to receive the training please contact the Clerk so further sessions can be arranged later in the year.