Chapel and Hill Chorlton Parish Council


Information about the services available in our community.

Latest figures from the Speed Indicator Device (SID) in Hill Chorlton.

Please follow the links below to show the latest  downloaded statistics from the SID from its installation in July 2019.

November statistics

October statistics

9th Aug 20 to 30th Sept 2020

11th July-8th August 2020

!st June-30th June 2020

Summary 27th April-31st May 20

1-30 April 2020

7th July-28th Oct 19

29th Oct19-5th March 20

Report to Parish Council-Speeding issue in Hill Chorlton

Speeding Report by Councillor Harrison

Appendix A Speed Analysis 1st-June-30th-June-2020-1

Appendix B Speed Analysis 11th-July-8th-August-2020-1

Appendix C Speed Analysis 9th Aug 20 to 30th Sept 2020 (1)-1-1

Appendix D Action Group Report to Parish Council currently exceeds maximum file size for uploading-please contact the Clerk for a hard copy.

Appendix E HC Traffic Speeds Summary_2020_08 (1)-1

Smoke Detectors for Vulnerable People.

If you need a smoke detector fitting or the battery needs replacing because it is making that “beeping” sound please contact the fire service on 0800 0241 999. Please ensure that anyone you know who may be in a vulnerable position is made aware of this number.

Library Services.

The mobile Library Service no longer operates in Hill or Chapel Chorlton. Please follow the link here to see details of the stops in neighbouring Baldwins Gate ZZ 01 Staffordshire Mobile Library Service

For details of Loggerheads Library, please follow the link below:

Publicationlibrary info poster